My internship journey and lesson on trusting God

If you know me well, you know that I am stubborn, impatient, I hate asking for help, and have even more unflattering traits. But the trait I deal with the most is my constant struggle with trusting God about my future.

At Hood, Communication Arts majors are required to have a practicum or internship to graduate. So like a good student, I started hunting in early October. I got letters of recommendation from teachers, went to the career center for cover letter advice, and did plenty of research on possible internships. I applied to over half a dozen locations.

I never heard back from some, and for the rest I was turned down. I had family and friends reaching out to contacts to try and find me an internship for the Spring. But every door I tried was slammed in my face.


What I learned this year as a Christian at Hood College

I can’t sleep, so I decided to make a post. I don’t even have a topic hashed out yet, so we will see what comes of this post.

So last night was our last InterVarsity meeting of the year. We are all going out to dinner next Wednesday, so last night we spent study time sharing our testimony from the year and just being silly with one another.

Some people in the group have grown so much over this year, and it has been amazing to watch. Looking back over the year, it has been so cool to see what God has done in my life and to see how he has moved on Hood’s campus.