My internship journey and lesson on trusting God

If you know me well, you know that I am stubborn, impatient, I hate asking for help, and have even more unflattering traits. But the trait I deal with the most is my constant struggle with trusting God about my future.

At Hood, Communication Arts majors are required to have a practicum or internship to graduate. So like a good student, I started hunting in early October. I got letters of recommendation from teachers, went to the career center for cover letter advice, and did plenty of research on possible internships. I applied to over half a dozen locations.

I never heard back from some, and for the rest I was turned down. I had family and friends reaching out to contacts to try and find me an internship for the Spring. But every door I tried was slammed in my face.


Importance of having Christian mentors and church family

I was sitting here thinking of what to write about. I had a list full of topics, but none of them were speaking to me. I was about to just give up and not write, but then I thought about what happened at my church today.

Our youth pastor and his wife, Brian and Jacqueline Zdrojowy, will be leaving in August to plant a new church, and there were lots of tears and fellowship at church today. And I just cried because I hate being away from my church family. Here at school I have my InterVarsity family, but my church family is just home to me.