When you are feeling restless…….

So today marks the 50 day countdown until I graduate from college. I have no idea how four years flew by, it feels like just yesterday I began my first year at Carroll Community College and met some amazing people in the Hill Scholars Program. Now I am about to graduate from the beautiful school that is Hood College.

You always hear the term senioritis, and man is it true. Every day that passes I feel like I am becoming more and more restless. Tonight at my women’s study I was talking to my good friend Naeisha about the mixed feeling about being ready to graduate and be done, but at the same time not ready to move into the real world.

But all I really want to do is leave. My current dream is to work on a cruise ship for a year or two, and I have pretty much applied to every position available. And I sit in my dorm and pray for God to take me away from here and make these days fly by. And anyone who knows me knows that I am a very impatient person.


“Already There” -Casting Crowns

This song, like all of their work, is awesome. The lyrics are so true, and really resonate right now as school is coming to a close.

My favorite lyrics are:

“When I’m lost in the mystery, to you my future is a memory.”

“One day I’ll stand before you, and look back on the life I’ve lead.

I can’t wait to enjoy the view and see how all the pieces fit.”