Sanctus Real- The Redeemer

I first heard this song a day before I wrote my last post. I think it relates well to my post about trusting God with the future.

My favorite line is:
“I don’t have every answer in life
But I’m trusting You one day at a time.”



So I made this blog back in January for my Online Journalism class. I had to pick a topic I was interested in, and make 20 posts. I never expected from that first day of class that creating a blog would be so important for me.

I wrote on things I was personally dealing with, and I often went back to old posts I made to look for Bible verses when I was facing the same issues.

I hope I have encouraged at least one of my readers with my posts, and so I have decided to continue the blog. I won’t be posting as often as I had to for my class, but whenever I feel I need to write or address an issue, I will do it on here.

So thank you all for bearing with me and being supportive friends. If you ever have an issue or need encouragement, feel free to ask me, and maybe I can make it a post!

Well, that is all for now, good luck on finals everyone!