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My name is Kellie, and this is my blog for Online Journalism at Hood College. I am just a Christian girl trying to find her way in this world. This blog is to help enlighten, encourage, and entertain other Christians who are in their college years. Enjoy!

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  1. lizatwood
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 11:28:35

    I think this is a terrific idea for a blog. I suggest that you try writing a variety of posts. Right now, you have a lot of music posts, but this topic is so much broader. Do you have any thoughts on Tim Tebow for example? Everyone else is weighing in on him. Be sure to create categories for your posts, too.


    • kellieid
      Feb 09, 2012 @ 21:06:39

      Dr. Atwood,

      Yes I have a lot of topics I will be writing on, my plan has been that in between my main posts, I put up songs that correspond with the topic I most recently wrote about. I have my first interview lined up for next week actually! 🙂 I actually don’t much about Tim Tebow, I have just heard his name mentioned, but I will look into it!


  2. Greg
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 07:11:39

    Kellieid – Great site. I thought I might add this from an online journalism called “Quill” out of Glendale HS in Springfield, MO.


    “Tim Tebow is the most decorated college football player of all time winning the Heisman trophy, the most prestigious FBS award, as a sophomore. Even though Tebow was the first sophomore to win this award, that’s not why he is the most talked about athlete in the country right now. It’s because of his devout Christian faith. Tebow doesn’t care; he wants every win, every snap of the game, to go to God for His glory.

    NFL analysts said he couldn’t run over people in the NFL, but they didn’t know he would lead the conference champion, Denver Broncos, in rushing touchdowns, but he did.

    What all the haters say is that he just cannot throw a football well enough to be a franchise quarterback. But again, that doesn’t coincide with the fact that he is 9-6 as an NFL starter and took the Broncos from 1-4 to its current 9-8 record with six straight wins.

    “[Tebow] is unpredictably magical when you least suspect it,” said analyst Skip Bailis on ESPN’s “Sports Nation.”

    The biggest thing that Tebow uses is all of the doubts, all of the haters and criticism as fuel to feed his unbelievable work ethic.

    “See that?” future NFL Hall of Famer Champ Bailey asked. “That’s Tebow. It’s long after practice and he’s still out there. That’s not for show. He’s not just doing that because the media is here today. He does that every day.”

    Tebow wins when it counts; who cares if it is pretty or perfect? He flat out wins.

    Tebow is clutch. That is the best way that I can describe him. The fact that the 8-8 Broncos beat the 12-4 Steelers,who were the defending AFC champions, was huge, but not only that, he had his best game ever by far.

    On January, 8 2012, Tebow threw for 316 passing yards against the “Steel Curtain” defense that is the Steelers. Coincidently, his favorite Bible verse is John 3:16; “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believes in him shall not perish, but have ever lasting life.”

    The reason why this is such a coincidence is the fact that Tebow is also currently the most controversial athlete because of his strong Christian faith.

    Chris Berman has been on the NFL countdown for years on ESPN. He is a well known sports analyst. However, it is amusing to see him so baffled at the fact that there is “Magic” within the Denver Bronco organization. Magic? Is he serious? Is it that hard to admit that maybe the fact that Tebow is winning is so he will be a controversial player, and so the praise will go to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? The fact that everyone is just so stunned is ridiculous. It takes faith, and that is what the Broncos have and why they are a winning team.

    It makes people feel uncomfortable that he is so confident in his Christian beliefs. That being said, I feel uncomfortable that quarterback Ben Rothelisburger of the Steelers has been accused of raping two women.

    “He is a good person,” Jacqueline Cook, junior, said. “He isn’t faking it; it is sincere.”

    He sticks out in the crowd and doesn’t follow the typical pro athlete lifestyle: get girls, get money, etc. Tebow will mess up, just like we all do, but at the end of the day, you cannot put faith in a man but faith in God. “


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