Reflection on my new Women’s Small Group

Last night, I held my second study for the small group I am leading here at Hood College. I am leading an amazing group of young ladies, and we are working through the book “Captivating” by Stasi and John Eldredge.

The story to how we got to this point I think is amazing and shows just how cool God is when he moves.

This summer, I was really feeling called to start a Bible study at Hood College. I am the Vice President of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and that group also holds a general Bible study.

But God was telling me I was going to be leading a small group. I wasn’t sure what kind of students would be in it or what book we would be doing, just that this was going to happen.

After getting this calling during the summer, I was approached a few times by friends who really wanted to get involved with a Bible study in the fall. And all that was running through my mind was “I think they are going to be in my study.”

During the first weekend of the semester, the six girls who run InterVarsity here at Hood met so we could plan the semester. And some of the girls stated that they had felt led that we would be holding two studies this year versus the normal of just one.

And my ears perked up, and I quickly told them of my calling this summer and how I knew it was no longer just a feeling, but that I was going to be doing the second study. And right away, Emily, the president of IV, stated she knew the perfect book, “Captivating.”

I looked it up, and did research on some other book studies. But I kept getting called back to “Captivating.” It would be on my mind, or someone would mention it and exclaim how it was an amazing study and they would love to do it again.

I ordered the book, and after reading the first page, I knew it was the right choice. I haven’t even finished reading it, but already the book is really making me think and analyze my heart.

And now here we are, months after I felt the calling, and I have an AMAZING group of ladies in the study. They are all beautiful women of God, and I love getting to know them on a personal level.

This semester is going to be very special for me, and I know it will be for these girls as well. I have a range of ages, they come from different walks of life, and this gives them a way to make new friends who will keep them accountable and focused.

If you as a woman want to really search your feminine heart the way God designed it, I highly recommend the book. And if you are a boy, there is a great version for men, “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge.

So this long post boils down to the points that 1. I have an amazing group of women I get to lead, 2. small groups are essential for Christians and 3. God is so insanely cool how he makes things happen, all starting with an idea in the back of my mind.

If you want prayer or want to talk more, email me at

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