Reflection on my new Women’s Small Group

Last night, I held my second study for the small group I am leading here at Hood College. I am leading an amazing group of young ladies, and we are working through the book “Captivating” by Stasi and John Eldredge.

The story to how we got to this point I think is amazing and shows just how cool God is when he moves.

This summer, I was really feeling called to start a Bible study at Hood College. I am the Vice President of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and that group also holds a general Bible study.

But God was telling me I was going to be leading a small group. I wasn’t sure what kind of students would be in it or what book we would be doing, just that this was going to happen.


Crosswind Church Baptism story

I wrote this article for my feature writing class, but I thought it would be nice to share on here as well. So enjoy!

Dozens of children jump on the moon bounce and swing on the playground as parents visit with friends and eat. There is a buffet lined up with chicken, fruit, macaroni salad, brownies, and other homemade goodies.

The clouds are grey and there is a high percent chance of rain, but over a hundred people are still gathered in a parking lot. The Crosswind Church Picnic and Baptism is finally underway.

Teenagers play basketball, kids run up to the tables of food and steal cookies and juice boxes, and couples exchange stories at dozens of tables.